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Central Valley Mechanical

Family owned business with over 25 years in the Commercial and Industrial HVAC industry.

What We Do

CVM Specialties 

Not Limited to:

HVAC systems  |  Pumps & Controls  |  Central Plant Services  |  Centrifugal  |  Screw & Reciprocating Chillers  | Cooling Towers  |  Unitary Air Conditioners    

Install Air Purification Systems

Who we are

Our History

Bill Bayless started in the HVAC industry in the 1990’s as a young kid doing residential with a family friend. He tagged along and learned the trade while going to school to be a HVAC technician. Bill has always been passionate about fixing things especially mechanically. He grew to love the trade and was hired by McQuay service in 1993.


He grew his career with McQuay in the Southern California area for years. In 2001 McQuay Service sent Bill to work on a cruise ship to overhaul and computerize the central plant of the ship while cruising through Mexico and the Caribbean even going through the Panama Canal. In 2005 Bill was offered a position in the Central Valley working for Trane and quickly jumped on the offer. Needing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California.


In 2015 Bill took a leap and fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning his own business and created Central Valley Mechanical. While working for each manufacture Bill has also traveled the United States including Hawaii because of his training and expertise in the industry.

Our Work

Our Work


Hours and Rates

Hours 7:30-4:30 Monday-Friday
as needed with overtime rates Saturdays
as needed with double time rates Sundays and Holidays
Rates $145 per hour for junior technician
rates $165 per hour for senior technician
Discount on hourly rate for maintenance contracts

Hours & Rates
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